Hooked On Fishing Park Bass Fishing Tournament FundRaiser April 23, 2016 The Giant Goose Ranch, Canton, Il

hooked on fishing


This will be a two person tournament that will pay out to the top two teams and the largest bass.
This events goal is to have 20 boats, for a total of 40 people.

Cost and Payout

The cost will be $500 per boat with each boat having a two person team. The payout will be first place team will receive $1000, the second place team will receive $750, the third place team will receive $500 and the largest bass will be awarded a prize TBD. This event is a fundraiser for Hooked On Fishing and all boat fees are tax deductible. (Payouts based on 15 boats)

Event Information

Breakfast and lunch will be provided the day of the event. Weigh ins and awards will be immediately after fishing ends.

Tournament specifics

• Each boat will be allowed to weigh in 5 fish for this event.
• Fish may be culled but no dead fish can be culled.
• Each boat will designated which bass they want to be weighed for largest bass.
• Each boat must weigh a largest bass as this may be the tie breaker if weight is exactly the same for first or second place.
• Boats need to be on the water by 6:30 am
• Boat release will be a shotgun start at 7:00 am and all boats must be back in by 1:00 pm
• If your boat is not back in by 1:00 pm you will be docked 1pound per minute late.
• Each dead fish will be docked 1 pound per dead fish.
• Weigh in will begin at 1:15 pm
• Winner will be determined as follows:
1.Most weight -if still tied then
2.Most fish – if still tied then
3.Largest bass
• If a tie still exists then first and second place money award will be split between the teams tied for first and second.
• There will be designated games committee of three people to deal with any unusual situations that may arise and make a ruling if necessary.
• No pre-fishing will be allowed